Raintree Mortgage is now Mortgage Box!


A new era in mortgage lending

Our story began with a desire to revolutionize our corner of the mortgage industry. We knew we wanted to build a company that prioritized wellness, valued people over profits, and worked to provide the best homebuying experience possible.

Read on for just a few of the things that set Mortgage Box apart from everyone else:

We save you time. 

We go from application to closing in an average of 15 days or less - that's the Mortgage Box Promise.

We believe knowledge is power. 

It's important to us that you have all the resources you need to achieve your financial goals. That's why we're creating courses and trainings that will set you up for success.

We know health equals happiness. 

We want everyone we work with to have happy, fulfilling lives. We've designed everything from our office to our values with health and wellness in mind. 

We give back. 

That's why we've partnered with Three Square to provide food to those who need it most. For every loan we close, we donate $50 to Three Square Food Bank. 

We've expanded into a larger office building!

Our new office is designed with wellness in mind. 

You're at work for 40 hours each week. If your work environment isn't working for you, you won't be as happy or productive as you want to be. That's why we've created a work environment that supports the wellbeing of our employees. 

Mortgage Box - before.png

As many of you know, our passion is wellness. When Brian - our Founder + CEO - sat down to think about the kind of brand he wanted to build for this next chapter, he thought about Crossfit gyms, which are known as "boxes." 

We wanted our new name and office building to evoke wellness and community, which is exactly what you'll find in Crossfit gyms anywhere in the world, and exactly what you'll find at Mortgage Box. 



Mortgage Box is more than just a place we come to work, it is a place where people can feel ownership over their careers and their lives.

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Our new office is located at 9435 W. Russell Road Suite #110 Las Vegas, Nevada 89148