Take a "Think Weekend" to Recharge

Do you ever just sit and think? Have you ever sat down for hours without distractions and planned out your future?


At least twice a year, I recommend taking a Think Weekend. It’s the 2-day version of the Think Week that Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs regularly take to mentally recharge. We’re in an age where we are connected to everything through our phones and we are constantly being interrupted. Taking a quick trip can help you refocus and remove distractions. It allows you to take a 50,000 ft view of everything going on in your life and work/business. One of my favorite places to go for a Think Weekend is Utah. It’s a quick drive from Vegas and the outdoors and fresh air allow me to temporarily disconnect from the world. So many people go through life without a road map or destination. Use these Think Weekends to plan your ideal life.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Travel at least 2 hours away to a place that you love, whether it's the mountains, beach or desert.

  2. Bring several books to read, as it can be a huge energy boost to comb through the knowledge and experience of some of the world’s greatest minds.

  3. Focus on the ONE project that you’ve been putting off that you just can’t seem to find the time for. (side note: Maybe a side hustle? I think it is so important to have multiple streams of income!)

  4. Turn off notifications on your phone and limit your texting and social media. Let people know in advance that you'll be unreachable and remove email and other distracting apps from your phone.


These Think Weekends have brought so much positivity to my business and personal life. It will refuel your mind and body and keep you from burning out.

Brian Maier