Scared of doing what you need to do?

This week, I wanted to share an #AskGaryVee episode with you that I think everyone will really enjoy.

In this episode, Gary interviews “Million Dollar Listing” star and mega-successful Realtor, Luis Ortiz. Throughout the episode, Luis talks about happiness and finding joy in your work, his best advice for getting leads, and how he got his start in the business.

A big theme in this episode is fear, and I love when Luis says “If its not scary, you’re doing something wrong.”

Enjoy the video!

Here are some key timestamps if you want to jump to certain sections of the interview!

8:46 - How do you balance professionalism & personality (especially since you are both so high energy)?

11:28 - How do you overcome objections based on perceived lack of experience, looking young, and people doubting your ability?

15:10 - What is the single best way you have found to get leads besides referrals?

17:33 - What's your 'major key'?

19:56 - How many jobs have you had before being super successful and how has it helped you now?