How to protect yourself from data breaches

As a mortgage professional, my primary concern is always for my clients long-term financial health and protection. It seems that we are constantly seeing headlines about data breaches, and today I wanted to share the things you can do to protect yourself.

If a company has notified you about your data possibly being breached, I know it can be scary, but I want to equip you with tools and action steps you can take now:

1. Setup alerts with the three credit bureaus to receive notifications of suspected fraud on your accounts:

2. Change your passwords regularly, especially for your financial accounts. Consider using a secure password generator and manager such as LastPass.

3. Setup spending alerts in your checking accounts and credit cards so that you’re notified immediately of large purchases.

4. Regularly review your banking and credit card statements for irregularities.

5. Watch out for fake emails asking for personal information or requesting a wire transfer for your home closing.

6. Monitor your personal information and credit report at You can access a free credit report yearly from all 3 bureaus.

My own company has policies and procedures in place to safeguard these ongoing identity theft threats. With hacking incidents and phishing emails more prevalent in today’s world, it’s important that you stay alert and keep these safeguards in place.

Let me know if you have any questions! I’m here for you.